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Meet Melissa

I joined MH4H in July of 2017 as the Assistant Manager of the Grimes Thrift Market. Having only worked in retail for approximately 4 years; I knew it was my calling as I love everything about it.

I love the fast paced never ending tasks; as odd as that may sound to some. When approached with the opportunity to do what I love but also serving a greater purpose I could barely contain my excitement. I feel good at the end of each day knowing I am supporting an amazing cause and serving God how I feel he intended me to.

Since starting with MH4H I not only am given a lot more time to spend with my family but also I can see so much potential for good I can do in the world. It has been a very eye opening experience thus far and look forward to each day and its opportunities to help others while keeping God at the center of my life.

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