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Igniting Generosity Through Love in Action

Our purpose at Many Hands Thrift Market is to ignite generosity by embodying love in action. As stated in John 3:16, God first loved us and out of this love, He gave His one and only son, Jesus. God is the most generous giver of all time. Generosity leads to faith, and faith leads to life eternal. This is something we want all to experience! 


History of Many Hands Thrift 

Our thrift stores serve as our generosity engines

Everything we do is built on generosity that creates power and fuel for life transformation. We take what people are willing to discard or give and we in turn create that into a tangible product that people are willing to pay money for.

Igniting these
engines sparks generosity everywhere

Igniting these engines allows us to enter into people’s lives every day to give them a touch of hope and love. Through our stores, we interact with donors, customers, staff, and volunteers. Generosity is contagious.

All of the profits from our stores go to support local and global missions

As part of the nonprofit ministry, Many Hands, our thrift stores are nonprofits. Established in 2008, Many Hands is called to transform together, to be love in action, in a broken world. We aim to ignite generosity, grow community through sustainable development in Haiti and Abaco, and take people on IMPACT journeys to carve a new, better path to life. Each year, the organization reaches at least 25,000 people through its operations in the Caribbean, IMPACT Trips serving in Abaco, Bahamas, and Many Hands Thrift Markets located in Iowa. These stores provide an opportunity for people from our local communities to get involved and make a difference globally, without making the international trip. 


Not only do we donate globally, but we also donate to local organizations that are love-in-action in our communities.


Spencer Location opened


Grimes Location opened

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Clive Location opened

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Merle Hay Location opened

Merle Hay Store Front Dec 2021 2.jpg

Indianola Location opens



Cheers of Retail

We know your name and work in community.

Purpose Driven

Doing the best thing in each situation.

Extra Milers

We do our best to over deliver in all aspects.

All play

We all play a role and are better together. 

Have Fun

We enjoy the experience.

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