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Indianola Thrift Market Opening

In June, a new Many Hands Thrift Market opened its doors in Indianola, marking the fourth location in the Des Moines Metro and fifth overall. This exciting milestone is the result of more than a year of meticulous planning, diligent construction, and unwavering dedication from volunteers.

Indianola store manager, Carla Weed, cuts the ribbon for the store’s opening

One leader at the heart of this endeavor is Special Projects Manager, Jeff Thomas, who together with his team of staff, has devoted countless hours to Many Hands. Among other responsibilities, Jeff is in charge of designing stores’ layouts and creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. One of the special touches he gives Many Hands stores is retail-style fixturing, which Thomas and his team acquire from closing businesses all throughout Iowa.

Special Projects Manager, Jeff Thomas

These fixtures are then repurposed and modified to fit the layout and feel of each store and have proven to be a huge cost saver during the beginning construction phase.

“By putting our Many Hands together, we get a lot done! Traveling many miles, we even spread what our organization does on a daily basis in Haiti and Iowa with those who will listen,” shares Thomas. “Many thanks go out to our team and organization. I am proud of what you all do in order for us to grow as we do.”

Indianola’s retail-style fixtures courtesy of Jeff Thomas and team

Another key force behind the opening of this location is Carla Weed, the new store manager for Indianola. Carla is an Indianola native and has promoted the store in the community, hired new staff, and managed donation intake. Nearly a month after the store’s opening, Carla continues to be a light in the community and a source of encouragement for her staff.

Carla Weed, Indianola’s new store manager

“Our Indianola location will further a common good in our community and the world,” Carla shared. “Generosity from this community will create a chain reaction that can be felt globally!”

Indianola sales floor. 88 cents of every purchase supports our mission

After many months of hard work, this store will help provide needed operational support for our work in Haiti, most specifically our Love-in-Action Centers. Tim Brand shared his thoughts on how these stores ignite generosity on a global scale.

Many Hands’ newest Love-in-Action center, which thrift stores proceeds support

It truly is a blessing to see these go together.” Having just opened a new Love-in-Action Center in Haiti, “very close to the opening of the Indianola store,” the new store will help, “support these centers, providing around 150 families access to nutritional, medical, spiritual, and community needs. We are excited to see both opening together for God’s glory!”


Many Hands Thrift Market in Indianola is located at 1801 West 2nd Avenue. To follow more updates about Many Hands or our thrift stores, check out our Facebook!

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