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Partnership Opportunities

As an organization, we believe in the idea of "transforming together". As we work in partnership to transform communities, we are able to build each other up and truly be "better together" with the services we provide.


In our partnership, we hope to help you in transforming the lives of people in your church and community. Through volunteering, donations, and programs, we want to support you in building strong families and communities. By working together, we can transform lives.

Your Church/Mission

Your church is able to donate to us and help raise funds for global and local mission. We will donate some of our profits to local missions through the Local Impact Program.

Volunteer Opportunites

We provide a place for volunteers to work and earn hours towards mission trips to Haiti. Volunteers can donate these hours to your church for other members.

Support Opportunites

We provide support through current and future programs that aid local churches and missions in their work.

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